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What is Text Cleaner?

Text Cleaner is an all-in-one text cleaning and formatting tool that can perform many complex text operations. It can remove unnecessary spaces and unwanted characters. It can also change letter case, convert typography quotes, delete duplicate lines/paragraphs and words, convert bold and italic unicode letters into regular letters, fix spacing between punctuations, remove letter accents, decode character entity codes, unescape and strip HTML tags, convert urls to links, and more. With this, you can also create your very own "find and replace" list.

It's highly-customizable. You can tweak the settings based on your personal preference. Your custom configuration is automatically saved in your browser, so you don't have to completely redo your settings on your next visit.

The main purpose of this utility is to unformat a formatted text and remove all unmeaningful characters which are often present in texts that were copied directly from word processors, web pages, PDFs, client briefs, and e-mails. I originally made this tool for my first data entry job and it made my work easier. I hope you find it useful too. This web app is free to use for any individual, company, office or organization for research, development, and/or commercial purposes. Please back up your data accordingly. We will not be held legally liable for any data loss which may occur while performing work on your computer.

How to use?

Simply copy and paste your text in the input box, configure the settings below by checking/unchecking the boxes and click the clean button. The cleaned version of your text shoulded appear in the result box. Not expecting the result you wanted? No worries, you can go back and click the input tab and from there you can start from the top. Hitting the reset button will clear both fields.

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