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Suggestions / Is inviting others encouraged?
Newfag here, lemme lay it on you:

I only discovered that weboasis had a forum when I needed to find a particular search engine and saw the RIP notice. First of all I just want to extend my condolences. That is really tough and it sounds like Webby really built something beautiful. I know the portions I used were amazing. Anyway as the account name implies, I am from the "notorious" Kiwi Farms. What hit me the hardest is how similar Webby sounded to KF's Administrator Null. It seems like the users here had a similar laid back attitude and love of freedom that is all but disappearing from the internet today. Would y'all mind if I shared the information for the new site? It may help get more users here and people to help out. We need to stay strong together to keep things going.

Also I guess this can count as my introduction. You can call me Sneed. I'm enough of an oldfag I found Runescape with friends the first month it was out. I spent my formative years on forums, then 4chan, and spent a lot of time at reddit until recently (the absolute state of that place now...). When the Jannies were finally coming for me I sought refuge on the farms. It is certainly unlike anywhere else on the internet and I think that is awesome. I hope this place grows to be just as awesome!

Discussion / Re: HELP?
Newfag here, , lemme lay it on you. Finding the source will be difficult because the perspectiuve is skewed, really confoundingt any reverse image search. Maybe try tweaking it in GIMP?