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1 tip

If you could give 1 tip about anything at all (such as niche hobbies), what would it be (SFW).

Mine: When trying to solve Rubik's Cubes fast, it's better to try to maintain an even speed than to go really fast for a second, and then pause.

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When trying to eat healthy, remove or add foods one by one, with at least 45 days in between changes.

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While in a stack formation before breaching a room or area aiming your gun down, up, or away from the team mate infront of you seems like good safety thing to do but it decreases your chances of survival.

In a close stack up put your gun on the person's shoulder who is in front of you with finger on the trigger (in your stack formation it is smartest to go from shortest to tallest so everyone can reach a shoulder). Always keep your gun aiming the direction of possible threat.

Flashing team with your barrel is only a bad thing to do if you're a noob and nobody trust you. The guy in front of you will be your meat bag if things hit the fan and having that gun on the shoulder already sets you up for having cover with the ability to shoot back.