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Open Directory Downloader

Open Directory Downloader

Open Directory Downloader

Indexes open directories listings in 100+ supported formats, including FTP, Google Drive, GoIndex (alternatives).

Written in C# with .NET (Core), which means it is cross platform!

Downloading is not (yet) implemented, but is already possible when you use the resulting file into another tool (for most of the formats).

Downloading with wget:
wget -x -i theurlsfile.txt

Downloading with aria2c (Does not support directory structure..):
aria2c -i theurlsfile.txt

If you have improvements, supply me with a pull request! If you have a format not yet supported, please let me know.
Releases / Binaries

For builds (64-bit) for Windows, Linux and Mac, or ARM/ARM64 builds for Pi:

When using the self-contained releases you don't need to install the .NET Runtime.

When you are NOT using the self-contained releases, you need to install the latest/current Runtime version of .NET: