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Rocket.Chat topic section

Without a doubt, this is the best-made setup I have ever seen.
I would love to know all the tips and tricks to make a great Rocket.Chat server as I am doing now for my local community and I am very interested in doing live video chats, private video chats and all the cool things you can do with it.

What do you think about adding a Rocket.Chat section to the forum so people like me can ask the pro's how they did it

I would love to ask questions on how others how to add stuff and all sorts of interesting questions.

lol I don't even have a forum on mine?

I got a few domain names I can use to all things with but have no idea how it's done, it would be great to chat about it and learn any tips and tricks

Re: Rocket.Chat topic section

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The forum runs on a different software, only the chat does is powered by
Anyways discussions on rocket chat could go under the WebDev Discussion and Help section.

Re: Rocket.Chat topic section

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Ahh ok, good reply ok ill go down there and ask a few questions thanks for your help merry Xmas