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Extract and index movie information of movies found in open directories posted on r/opendirectories.

Dump of a script I wrote to run through an open directory (typically found on /r/opendirectories) and

    Extract the movie name, year and resolution
    Run it through to fetch all details (director, genres, IMDB rating, ...)
    Save it to a node so that the movies are searchable. The front-end for that is at


Install dependencies with poetry.

I typically use a Jupyter notebook to run things. In Reddit - Opendirectory scraper.ipynb there are a few scripts to muck around with things.

The easiest way to scrape a directory is with the first script in the above mentioned notebook.

    First, you'll need to get or generate a .txt file with all files found on the server with (/user/KoalaBear84/ typically provides these in the comments of an OD post on reddit too)
    main.parse_txt() extracts the movie name for each file and runs it through OMDB
    main.output_movies() saves the movies as a markup file, ordered by IMDB rating
    main.index_single_movie() saves each movie to the typesense index.

This code is provided as-is. Do with it what you want. If you need support, open an issue, but I can't guarantee I'll be able to help.