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Newegg "Assemble your masterpiece" sale

I don't know if people still play this (probably diehards)

I remember Civ 3 not being too bad. Civ 4 with the unit stacking was a horrible game. the AI would just stack up 100's of units all over the place and it was so slow and if they attacked you you could lose your whole Civ in 1 turn just because fucking Montezuma is a dick. it was stupid.

the game is supposed to be playable on Prince which is basically regular difficulty (neither you or the AI get a bonus)

Civ 5 was better. I hear that Civ 6 is kinda dumb. I wouldn't play Civ 6 until they do the final patch. I don't like when they change the rules it feels like learning how to play is a waste of time.

(link has all the other items on sale)

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete [Online Game Code]

Extra savings w/ promo code MARPCDD2K, limited offer