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Todo List

Going to use this post as the running todo list.

  • stand up main app
  • setup forum
  • fix tech section on app
  • fix crypto section on app
  • match forum theme (80%, Needs svg file for icons)
  • setup chat app
  • theme chat
  • archive public forum topics and content
  • archive private forum topics and content -- (credits to JustSKY)
  • fix news and tech sections
  • parse in forum archived content (100% done)
  • fix forum emailer
  • re-order the categories to match old site
  • fix chat emailer
  • setup private community git repo
  • fix enter key on search box drop-down
  • setup cors redirect server (temp server in place, final server to come)
  • correct formatting on chat (topics there, but not organized)
  • setup chat bots

Future items

  • fix mobile view
  • categorize all links
  • cleanup/organize current menus
  • adjust search bar to allow search of links without button (!web)
  • fix hover over on left menu
  • elastic search links
  • poll forum on new ideas
  • turn off forum registration
  • setup proton mailer for account recovey