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NasNas - C++ 2D Game Framework

NasNas - C++ 2D Game Framework

An intuitive and user friendly 2D game framework for C++

NasNas is a lightweight modular 2D game framework with a focus on pixel art style games.

It is entirely written in modern C++17, and doesn't have any dependency other than SFML2.

It provides a clean and easy to use API.

The framework is separated in multiple independent modules
-Core and Data are the only non optional modules. They are needed to create a NasNas application. They contain core classes and data needed by the framework.
-Reslib contains the resource manager and resource loader. It handles resource loading and accessing in a very elegant way. This module is optional, you can use your own resource manager and loader if you have specific needs.
-ECS contains the BaseEntity and Components classes. You can add Components to your BaseEntity derived classes to add more functionalities to them, like graphics, basic physics, collider, inputs.
-Tilemapping is a Tiled Map loader (.tmx). It seamlessly integrates with NasNas and speeds up development for tile based games.