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Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Don't do it bruh. ain't nobody worth taking your life away. Don't do it please!

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Reposting, because it is important to know you have resources available to you.

You have worth and are worthy of love.

Suicide Hotlines in The United States

Crisis Text Line   Text HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline   1-800-273-8255

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Hopefully you feel better and change your mind.

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Brother. Before you do anything drastic, Please read about why you were created!!!

If you have got nothing else to lose, why not read one book first? If it helps, excellent. If not, your no worse off and have a little more knowledge


Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Allow me to pay some respects to your service and brilliant mind over the past few years. I know you won't read this, but I like to talk to air.

Over the course of the time I have spent on this site, I have only directly interacted with you once. That one moment was simply to request that you restore the wolfram alpha quicksearch on the homepage so I could save a few seconds while doing engineering homework. I am not going to pretend that I understand anything about you, your philosophy, or your ideals. However, the one thing I can tell easily from the posts you have made on the chat and the various links you have posted on the forums is that you are an incredibly intelligent fellow that has more knowledge than 99% of the population on virtually all sectors of technology. It is a shame to see someone who is so knowledgeable die; especially from his own hand.

As zurigora said, this was the best website and database of information I have ever encountered. Truthfully, this website for me serves as a memento for the very first moment I decided to broaden my own depth of knowledge and start to really dive deep into technology. This was the first website I found on my own personal journey and I quickly realized how much left I had to learn. Today I have vastly improved and it is all thanks to your work on this website. I'll try to return the favor someday.


Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Man I don't want you to go. You made an awesome thing, I've been bullied before but that's nothing to take your own life over.

Matthew Clark

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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don't go away webby : (

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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i hope it ISN'T too late as written in the OP, I hope you're reading this.
I've been a lurker on W/O for a few years, and am also a multi accounter.
I remember when I first discovered the site from a post on /g/, was that you Webby?

I too struggle with this so called game of life and have been for quite a few years now,
I think up all of these dreams (some might call them delusions) and believe it or not;
WebOasis has been the catalyst of a whole 'ark' (so to speak)
I imagined who you were, more than once, and all I know to be fact is your birthdate,
country of residence and your great encyclopedia of wisdom that is somewhere in your head.
I appreciated those wisdoms sporadically spread throughout the forum, admin.

I don't know if OP is still in mortal limbo, or if this was  set to be automatically posted.
I hope you're reading this admin, I hope you reach out to someone, anyone. Even me.
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  I do, admin.
So much that you can't experience, no matter the reason, does it drive you up the wall?

I hope you're reading this admin; if so, reach out.
If not, have a safe trip.

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Quote from: caketime on January 05, 2022, 08:52:47 am
Well that fucking sucks

What do we do now?
Quote from: Rogue Programmer on January 05, 2022, 10:21:43 am
I don't know. This is depressing.
yeah my night is FUCKED. i'm currently archiving forum posts, hope it isn't true.
where do we go from here? does anyone have an oasis away from the oasis?

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Don't do it Webby. Please. For all our sakes.

You have made this place what it is. It just wouldn't be the same without you. Even if someone else does pick up the torch, they wouldn't be able to create this.

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Fuck man, is anyone else feeling this hollowness?

admin was the bloke who knew it all and I feel like the whole shit-house world is worse off without him
I hope he is alive, could never even have a convo with him, just looking at his posts tells plenty;
an autistic hoarder with everyones best interest at heart

someone get a group going, cant just let weboasis fade away


isn't it cool how admin's site lived up to its name? i always loved coming back just to lurk looking at the cool shit everyone would post.
it is to be no longer, the oasis is drying up.

a refugee discord; tasteless choice in service I know (don't curse me admin), but its accessible and was created at a moments notice

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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Quote from: Admin on January 05, 2022, 06:47:04 am
To the individual(s) in real life that are trying to ruin me, congratulations, you’ve won! You almost certainly won’t ever see this, but if you do…Now I no longer have to worry about you and you no longer have to worry about me. You’re welcome.
Don't do it man. fuck them. don't let them win. don't do it. please.

Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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I’ll keep you in my prayers. You will be missed brother


Re: January 4th 2022 - Sorry & Goodbye

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You will be sorely missed, Webby.