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Linux Starter Help

Distros: Arch-Based Distro good for beginners (a post talking about why this might not be a good distro? I still think it is... Arch, good for more experienced users, a lot more customization in the beginning Arch, but without SystemD Arch, but full libre


Some good commands:
`man "program-name"` Command that will open the manual for a program, useful to understand a command's options and what it does
`program-name --help OR program-name -h` Flag for showing the help description of a command
`apropos text` Another help command
`htop` Monitor system resources
`ls` List items of your current directory
`cd` Change directory, running `cd` by itself will put you in your home directory and running `cd ..` will put you 1 directory behind the current one.
`mkdir` Make directory
`rm` Remove, add the -r flag `rm -r` will let you delete recursively (folders)
`killall "service-name"` Kills all of a service, is very nice since it doesn't require the PID (Process ID)
You can pipe a commands output into another command using the character `|`
You can run multiple commands in one life by separating them with ` ; `
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